Hello Reno!

Hello Reno!

Welcome to Reno Happy Project. Glad you’re here.

What is Reno Happy Project?

This project started to promote kindness, good cheer and all-around awesomeness within the city. A simple goal:  do good deeds, make people happy, build a community full of people who are happy and awesome.

That’s it.

Do good, just for the sake of doing good. Make people smile just because.

We all want to live in an awesome place, don’t we?

And, well, awesome doesn’t just happen by itself.

And Reno Happy Project started.

What will Reno Happy Project do?

Intentional acts of kindness.

Wanna know more? Check out a way more awesome description here.

Reno Happy Project will kick off with 30 days of intentional acts of kindness. Thirty days of love! Look for meaningful acts of kindness around the city and documented here. Join me on this journey.

Hello Reno! Are you ready for happy?

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