$10 and Half a Tank of Gas: Day One

So what can I do? I have $10 and half a tank of gas…

A-HA!     HappyNotes!


I went to the dollar store and bought 100 note cards. In each one, I wrote a message of happiness.

One hundred messages!

Personally hand-written, notes sending happiness and well wishes into our community. Then, the team and I joined to conquer, and spent a couple hours of the day delivering the happy notes to various locations around town. Reports were that most notes went on windshields. Some notes went on door steps. Some notes were even hand-delivered.

My first HappyNote! Thank you for being there. I truly wish you a happy day.

I sincerely wish each of you who received those notes to have a happy day. Can’t you feel those good vibes?

And there you have it. Day One.

(and I only used about a quarter-tank of my original half)

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