Day Two: Make Someone Smile

Today was a shopping day for me. You know, the usual — groceries.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t spread cheer on an otherwise ordinary day.

My goal for today was to make someone smile. Not just any someone, but someone I have never met and someone who could really use a smile.

I had my plan.


So, off I went on my errand running for the day. I knew exactly the place I would deliver my smile.

I stopped by the dollar store on the way to the grocery store. Did you know they have happy face balloons at the dollar store? It practically waved at me. I picked up a happy balloon and headed to my destination.

Near a grocery store that I frequent, there is a senior living facility. I have passed that place so many times, and hardly ever give it a second look. But not today. Today, THAT was my destination.

I parked and walked in to the front desk. I asked if there was anyone that could use some extra cheer, and the receptionist pointed me to the lobby.IMG_5694

I saw a good-ol’ gal sitting in a chair. Certainly, she could use some cheer.

I smiled and said hello. Said I would like to deliver some happiness, handed her the balloon and a card and had a little talk. She was smiling. She liked the surprise.

She asked me for a hug!

How can I say no to a hug?

I LOVE hugs!

I smiled and gave her a hug. My heart pounded with happiness knowing that, even something so small, gave her joy.

Oh yes, I am hooked.

Happiness is contagious.

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