Day Six: Welcome New Neighbors

Remember Sunday?

I made some cookies. I purposefully double the recipe. Well, today’s the day!

We just had some new neighbors move in down the street. And I have appointed myself to be the welcoming committee for our neighborhood.

Into the oven went the cookie dough, filling the house with the scent of yummy brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.


Yummy Molasses Cookies!

Yummy Molasses Cookies!

I sure hope our neighbors like this recipe as much as I do.

I wrote a card of welcome. ‘Welcome to the ‘hood,’ I said, or something like that. And packed a dozen cookies in a nice little bag and tied it with a little happy bow.


I walked down the street and knocked on their door. Hoping to shake hands and introduce myself, and say a cheery “hello!”

But no one answered.

I left the happy package right on their front doorstep.

Welcome to the neighborhood, friends!

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