Day Seven: A Volunteer Evening

I had this afternoon/evening planned for volunteering in the community.

As a member and a citizen of the community, volunteering is ESSENTIAL in our lives. It is my belief that each person should be a volunteer in any way possible. Each citizen should find a skill and give it to the community. Big or small, weekly or yearly, it doesn’t matter. Just act.

From the coaches of our youth teams, to the people giving directions at a medical center desk, and from people who get up on stage or lead a crowd to the individuals that stuff envelopes and answer emails late into the night — thank you! Each volunteer personally touches the lives of our community, whether seen or unseen, you matter. Thank you.

And today was my day of volunteering.

My Secret Destination
My Secret Destination

I happily trekked over to my destination. I joyously logged in enough hours to be considered a full work day. I came home, long after the sun had set — content.

I LOVE volunteering. I LOVE giving back to others. It pumps me, it makes me feel good. I feel joy; I feel alive.

So, I volunteered. I smiled. I laughed. I used my hands to help. My feet were fast-paced and busy. I used my mouth to speak and my ears to hear. My heart was happy to know that I have something special to offer.

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