Day 10: Downtown Volunteer

Ah, Saturday!

A day to unwind from the busy week and … VOLUNTEER!

Again? You ask.

Well, what can I say, I am such a magnet for happy and I am definitely a sucker when it comes to helping make a difference.

Ah, Saturday. I woke up early, I packed a lunch, loaded up the car and headed downtown to my destination.

My secret downtown location

I filled my day with not-too-strenuous, but certainly, busy labor. I used my energy and talents to talk, and listen, lead and instruct, help and assist and pour out happiness to each individual I had the chance to encounter.

My day was so busy, I lost track of time. You know those kinds of days… athletes often describe it as being “in the zone.” The zone where you are in your perfect element and perfect stride. The zone where you just seem to lose track of everything — you don’t know what time it is, you forget to eat, you don’t need a break, you just absorb into what you’re doing.

Research is showing that zone to be called, “flow.” Flow is the loss of self-consciousness when you are completely absorbed in an activity. And research also shows that flow is highly correlated with happiness.

My day was spent in this state of flow.

I spent more than 6 hours on my feet without sitting, forgot to eat my packed lunch, and didn’t even take a potty break. Talk about exhilarating!

Even more fascinating — my time today personally touched the lives of about 700 people!

Seven. Hundred. People. AMAZING! Just little ol’ me can do that?

THAT feels awesome!

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