Day 14: Do a Favor

At school today, a fellow schooler and I were talking about our day, and she was telling me the things that needed to be done. She asked me if I could help by running an errand for her.

Of course, I saw this as my opportunity to make someone happy today.

I said, “Yes.”

I ran an errand.

Offering to do favors and saying yes to things is an easy, and quite amazing, way to make someone happy. So many times, we just run along in our own overworked lives and our own over-scheduled to-do lists. When asked to do a favor or perform a good deed, we are forced to pause. We are forced to immediately weigh and prioritize those things which are important to us. And by saying yes, we are putting our own needs to the side to come to the help of someone else.

Pause and think about that.

In a moment’s notice, you are sacrificing your own wants and needs to fulfill someone else’s. That feels really good.

*Of course, I am always an advocate of HAPPY favoring and good-deed doing. If it doesn’t make you feel good, and you are going to grumble and complain about it, then PLEASE DO NOT say yes! Only do good deeds from a happy and willing heart. If you don’t truly want to and put your heart into it, then you will not be happy, and then, in turn, your intention will not come through as strongly. Saying “no” can also make your own heart and your own family happy, and that is where happiness needs to start.

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