Day 20: Deliver a Hug

Sometimes, I have to seek out happiness. Other times, happiness and requests for happiness just seem to find me.

I am a magnet for happiness.

I am the go-to person when someone needs a little joy. I am the person who always has something uplifting to say, my glass is always full, and I do happen to give the best hugs. It’s always been that way for me, ever since I was a child.

Today, a need came looking for me.

Today, I received a request — deliver a hug.

A friend of a friend has been feeling blue, needed a little ray of sunshine. The friend knows of me and my inkling for doing happy projects and asked if I would pay a visit to the blue friend.

And I did.

I delivered a hug, and a smile, and a sympathetic ear.

Connecting with someone — it makes true happiness for both the receiver, and the giver.

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