Day 25: Jolly Green Giant

I was on a business run today. A Sunday, I know.

I put in a few extra hours working on a different project, and I got out of the house to do my work at the local giant green coffee place.

I walked in earlier in the morning and set my stuff down. I waited in line and ordered my cup o’ joe.

I knew I wanted to make someone happy today. So, when the line cleared, I approached the friendly barista with specific (yet friendly) instructions.

A cup o' joe and a happy note courtesy of Reno Happy Project
A cup o’ joe and a happy note courtesy of Reno Happy Project

“I want to buy someone’s drink this morning,” I told him with a smile.

A little smirk slid across his face.

“When you see someone this morning, anyone, someone who needs a little extra, or who really looks like they could use a cup of cheer,” I explained. “Let me buy their coffee, and let them know that a stranger wishes them a happy day. And hand them this,” I politely said as I gave him an envelope.

And he smiled. He told me how nice that was, and he agreed to do the dirty work for me.

I scurried away back to my seat, and dug into my work. My heart was happy.

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