March 20th- Let’s Plaster the City with HAPPY! International Day of Happiness

Hello Reno!

March 20th marks the International Day of Happiness. Let’s get to making some happy.

Let’s plaster Reno with all kinds of awesome happiness. Wanna help?

Join the happy party. Here’s how:

1- Make a poster. A sign that is awesome and says something remarkably happy.

2- Head downtown.

3- Stand on the corner. (Please do NOT impede traffic or pedestrians)

4- Smile and wave. Give strangers high fives.

5- Feel good.

*We will be at various locations scattered downtown with messages of happiness. Concentrating on areas near the river, along First Street, near Arlington, and a couple of square blocks in all directions. No scheduled times, just random, all day long!

Join us. Spread the word. And let’s spread the happy! #renohappyproject #internationaldayofhappiness

Don’t wanna join downtown happy? Here are some other ideas:

  • Do this same thing on your own corner.
  • Walk down the street and shake everyone’s hand.
  • Design a happy flyer and stick it on everyone’s windshield.
  • Make a sign that says something happy. Display in your window.
  • Do a good deed.
  • Say something nice online. Don’t forget to hashtag it #renohappyproject #internationaldayofhappiness
  • Make someone laugh.
  • Create a public display of happiness at your business (or even your own desk)

TAKE PICTURES!  POST ‘EM.  SEND ‘EM TO ME! Join me on this journey and let’s flood the Biggest Little City!

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