Lunch with a Stranger

A happy project team member went to lunch with a buddy.


You know the place. Busy restaurant. Busy lunch hour. Seating was limited.

The team member and buddy — party of two — took a seat at an empty booth.

While they were eating lunch, the pair noticed there was another party desperately looking for a seat. A mom and her two young children. No tables were open, and the already-long line had grown even longer.

So… the happy lunch duo offered to share their booth.


Sitting with strangers for lunch?!  The family slid right into the booth and were glad to join the happy team.

The family had just moved to Reno a few months prior. They said they were enjoying the northern Nevada area. The newly formed table was filled with conversation and smiles, and full happy stomachs.

Lunch with strangers.

Welcome to Reno! We hope you love this place just as much as we do.

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