Disco Fortune Teller

Glitter. Mirrors. Afros. And music.

Agents opened a pop-up shop to spread cheer at a downtown event – DISCO FORTUNE TELLER.

There she stood. Behind the candles and the glowing reflection, the disco medium gazed into her crystal disco ball and read her fortunes to fellow Reno-ites.

What news would she bring?

Astonishingly, all fortunes given were happy and inspired by your favorite disco lyrics.

Lucky revelers received their fortunes:
“Don’t Stop ’til you Get Enough”
“That’s the way- uh huh, uh huh. I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh”
“Do the Hustle”
“Stayin’ Alive”

Agents danced for hours. Fortunes spread happy messages. All who had their fortunes told, laughed whole-heartedly and happiness filled their evening (and their futures).

Keep your eyes open, you never know where we’ll pop up next.
And in the meantime, feel free to sing along… “You should be dancin’- yeah!”


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