Twelve Days of Christmas Cheer

On the first day of Christmas, an agent gave to me – a pear that was gifted with glee.

Reno Happy Project teamed up with Community Yogi to spread 12 days of Christmas cheer Dec. 13-24. More than 800 emails were sent,  tasked with missions to spread joy for the 12 days leading up to Christmas by performing intentional acts of kindness based upon the ever-famous Twelve Days of Christmas carol.

Twelve days. Twelve missions. Hundreds of emails.

Happy Agents were on the streets of our town, in the homes of our neighbors and even high above the ground.

On foot, and in cars, and in airplanes we flew. In hopes to deliver Merry Christmas to you.

We gave candies, and cards, and a few gift baskets. Wore goggles, played drums, and did a few chicken dances.

All missions were completed by agents of might. And all was made happy by Christmas Eve night.

And to find out more about Community Yogi and how they are bringing happiness to the Biggest Little City, check them out at

Merry Christmas to all.

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