Reno Happy Project

Hello! Welcome to Reno Happy Project.

Reno Happy Project is anonymous do-gooders, set out to make a difference, one smile at a time.

(OOOOO! Anonymous? Cool, right? Doesn’t that make you smile already?)

What Reno Happy Project Does

Reno Happy Project is a social movement.

Reno Happy Project does intentional acts of kindness.

By doing good deeds, the project aims to spread friendship and happiness to the community and encourage others to do the same.

Do good for the sake of doing good.

Why Do It

We all want to live in an awesome place, don’t we?

Well, awesome doesn’t just happen by itself.

As a community, we have to make the awesome happen. We have a responsibility to build our own community the best we can. We can start here.

Let’s make Reno the HAPPIEST Little City in the World!

How to Do It

Intentional Acts of Kindness.

Don’t get me wrong, I love random acts of kindness. In fact, I think they’re pretty awesome. But Reno Happy Project is more than random. The project acts with intention for all those it will touch. Reno Happy Project acts by doing meaningful, purposeful good deeds, both big and small. From writing small HappyNotes to a stranger and sharing a cup of coffee with someone new, to planning large events that really pump up a crowd, the acts of happiness are intentional.

Why, Reno Happy Project, Why?

Certainly not original. The concept of random acts of kindness is decades-old.

But I CAN make a difference in my own town.

I CAN start in my very own life, in my own home, and in my own neighborhood.

And I may not ever reach the Congo or Malaysia. Heck, I may never even reach Chicago.

But I AM here. I am Reno. And I want to start here.


The team and I want to be anonymous — a secret society. We want the project and the happiness and love it creates to speak for itself. We want to put away the name recognition and make a genuine contribution — no sparkle, no fluff, no name-dropping — just a true, honest and raw, hands-on contribution to neighbors and community.

(And besides, isn’t it cool to know that there is a secret special op in your own town?)