A Happy Backpack Story

A happy team member reports: “Saturday, we were in the car heading 395 north. A little ways passed the Red Rock exit, we spotted a blue backpack in the middle of the road. We were driving at a high enough speed that the bag just flew by us. A little further down the road, we spotted two vehicles pulled off to the side of the road, one of which had its roof rack packed with camping supplies. We discussed doubling back to go retrieve the blue back pack, knowing that it was the decent thing to do; and to avoid it from … Continue reading A Happy Backpack Story

Lunch with a Stranger

A happy project team member went to lunch with a buddy. You know the place. Busy restaurant. Busy lunch hour. Seating was limited. The team member and buddy — party of two — took a seat at an empty booth. While they were eating lunch, the pair noticed there was another party desperately looking for a seat. A mom and her two young children. No tables were open, and the already-long line had grown even longer. So… the happy lunch duo offered to share their booth. Sitting with strangers for lunch?!  The family slid right into the booth and were glad to … Continue reading Lunch with a Stranger

We LOVE Teachers!

A few schools in Washoe County are teaming up to bring Kindness Week to the students and community. What a perfect opportunity to show teachers some happiness! Today, the secret-op team showered some teachers with HappyNotes. Rumor has it, one note even made it into the teacher’s lounge. Thank you, teachers! You touch our community every day, and we are grateful. Thank you, you cape-wearing, high-flying, power-fueled, nonstop, action-packed community heroes, you! Continue reading We LOVE Teachers!

Happy Secret Op

The crew put on secret agent disguises today. Nothing like going undercover, huh? Dressed in disguise, the crew set out to deliver happy cards around town. But, the happy crew reported that when approached, people were a little hesitant to talk to strangers – so they ditched the wigs. People were much happier, especially when they received our new happy cards! Check these bad boys out.   We are SO excited about our happy cards! They are a true and genuine wish, to spread cheer. If you get one, keep it to remember that you are well-wished, or pass it on … Continue reading Happy Secret Op