A Happy Stranger

Two strangers diverged on a road. It was a typical busy morning that would turn out to be anything but. I had to slow down on my commute due to a slowing vehicle in front of me. As I got closer, I could see in the vehicle’s rear-view mirror — it was an older gal, and she indeed needed a little bit of help. About a mile down the road, she got to safety and I hopped out to help. The job was TOO BIG for me. Downhearted, but determined, I walked right into another stranger’s front door. I asked … Continue reading A Happy Stranger

March 20th- Let’s Plaster the City with HAPPY! International Day of Happiness

Hello Reno! March 20th marks the International Day of Happiness. Let’s get to making some happy. Let’s plaster Reno with all kinds of awesome happiness. Wanna help? Join the happy party. Here’s how: 1- Make a poster. A sign that is awesome and says something remarkably happy. 2- Head downtown. 3- Stand on the corner. (Please do NOT impede traffic or pedestrians) 4- Smile and wave. Give strangers high fives. 5- Feel good. *We will be at various locations scattered downtown with messages of happiness. Concentrating on areas near the river, along First Street, near Arlington, and a couple of … Continue reading March 20th- Let’s Plaster the City with HAPPY! International Day of Happiness

Day 26: FUNdraising

This evening, I scheduled on my calendar to volunteer. I was home-bound, computer-bound, but helping by volunteering my work. I spent about 5-6 hours, in the late hours of the evening, to help a local non-profit organization do some fundraising. I cranked up the tunes and put the FUN in fundraising. It may not have been much outward, extroverted, public activity, but my direct computer keystrokes, helped to bring in nearly $5,000.00 for this local organization. I am telling you, with just a little time, and will, we can each do a little to change the world. Continue reading Day 26: FUNdraising

Day 25: Jolly Green Giant

I was on a business run today. A Sunday, I know. I put in a few extra hours working on a different project, and I got out of the house to do my work at the local giant green coffee place. I walked in earlier in the morning and set my stuff down. I waited in line and ordered my cup o’ joe. I knew I wanted to make someone happy today. So, when the line cleared, I approached the friendly barista with specific (yet friendly) instructions. “I want to buy someone’s drink this morning,” I told him with a … Continue reading Day 25: Jolly Green Giant

Day 24: I Feel Like Amazon

I LOVE the happy balloons. I feel like Amazon — delivering smiles. Again today, I picked up another happy-faced balloon and set out on delivery. This time, I had a specific target. I heard it through a group of people that a volunteer has stepped up to do some extra work, and that work was extra appreciated. So, I was able to track down that special volunteer and deliver a ‘thank you” and encouraging word, via the happy balloon. I delivered my smiling package, anonymously, of course. Happy day, community volunteer! Your work is valuable and you make the world … Continue reading Day 24: I Feel Like Amazon

Day 23: Happy Home Delivery

I am always thinking about those happy balloons. You know, the ones that were practically waving at me. I think I am going to have to stock them in my arsenal. So, I picked up a happy-faced balloon. I wrote out another one of my happy notes and I went on a mission. I scouted the neighborhood. I looked for a front porch that would harbor the happy balloon and allow it to be seen from the driveway when the neighbor got home. I had to be sure the neighbor would see it as he/she arrived home that day. Found … Continue reading Day 23: Happy Home Delivery

Day 22: Happy Note

Perhaps I should think of something new, eh? But my wish is simple. “I hope you have a happy day,” my note said. They all say that. It’s true. If I had the time, I would write a note to each home in Reno — wishing them a happy day. It may sound trivial. It may sound daunting. But it’s honest, and it’s real. Let’s remember to love and wish people well. And mean it. It really is that simple. Continue reading Day 22: Happy Note