Day 23: Happy Home Delivery

I am always thinking about those happy balloons. You know, the ones that were practically waving at me. I think I am going to have to stock them in my arsenal. So, I picked up a happy-faced balloon. I wrote out another one of my happy notes and I went on a mission. I scouted the neighborhood. I looked for a front porch that would harbor the happy balloon and allow it to be seen from the driveway when the neighbor got home. I had to be sure the neighbor would see it as he/she arrived home that day. Found … Continue reading Day 23: Happy Home Delivery

Day Two: Make Someone Smile

Today was a shopping day for me. You know, the usual — groceries. But that doesn’t mean I can’t spread cheer on an otherwise ordinary day. My goal for today was to make someone smile. Not just any someone, but someone I have never met and someone who could really use a smile. I had my plan. So, off I went on my errand running for the day. I knew exactly the place I would deliver my smile. I stopped by the dollar store on the way to the grocery store. Did you know they have happy face balloons at … Continue reading Day Two: Make Someone Smile