A Happy Backpack Story

A happy team member reports: “Saturday, we were in the car heading 395 north. A little ways passed the Red Rock exit, we spotted a blue backpack in the middle of the road. We were driving at a high enough speed that the bag just flew by us. A little further down the road, we spotted two vehicles pulled off to the side of the road, one of which had its roof rack packed with camping supplies. We discussed doubling back to go retrieve the blue back pack, knowing that it was the decent thing to do; and to avoid it from … Continue reading A Happy Backpack Story

A Happy Stranger

Two strangers diverged on a road. It was a typical busy morning that would turn out to be anything but. I had to slow down on my commute due to a slowing vehicle in front of me. As I got closer, I could see in the vehicle’s rear-view mirror — it was an older gal, and she indeed needed a little bit of help. About a mile down the road, she got to safety and I hopped out to help. The job was TOO BIG for me. Downhearted, but determined, I walked right into another stranger’s front door. I asked … Continue reading A Happy Stranger

March 20th- Let’s Plaster the City with HAPPY! International Day of Happiness

Hello Reno! March 20th marks the International Day of Happiness. Let’s get to making some happy. Let’s plaster Reno with all kinds of awesome happiness. Wanna help? Join the happy party. Here’s how: 1- Make a poster. A sign that is awesome and says something remarkably happy. 2- Head downtown. 3- Stand on the corner. (Please do NOT impede traffic or pedestrians) 4- Smile and wave. Give strangers high fives. 5- Feel good. *We will be at various locations scattered downtown with messages of happiness. Concentrating on areas near the river, along First Street, near Arlington, and a couple of … Continue reading March 20th- Let’s Plaster the City with HAPPY! International Day of Happiness

Day Six: Welcome New Neighbors

Remember Sunday? I made some cookies. I purposefully double the recipe. Well, today’s the day! We just had some new neighbors move in down the street. And I have appointed myself to be the welcoming committee for our neighborhood. Into the oven went the cookie dough, filling the house with the scent of yummy brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. Yummy! Yummy Molasses Cookies! I sure hope our neighbors like this recipe as much as I do. I wrote a card of welcome. ‘Welcome to the ‘hood,’ I said, or something like that. And packed a dozen cookies in a nice … Continue reading Day Six: Welcome New Neighbors

Day Four: Invite a Neighbor to Dinner

I roasted a whole chicken for dinner. Thyme butter spiced chicken with potatoes, carrots and parsnips. It was yummy. I even baked cookies. I knew I would have an enormous amount of food, so I invited a neighbor over for dinner. I have a few pretty awesome neighbors, and love to share food with them. EEK! I forgot to take a picture of the yummy chicken dinner! But, I did plan on having leftover chicken, and I did. And I doubled the recipe for the cookies I made. BOTH of which I will use for plans later this week. Stay … Continue reading Day Four: Invite a Neighbor to Dinner

Day Three: Homemade Cards

The weekend. Days off work that are meant for running, playing, and housework. I want to spread good cheer and happiness. But I am so busy. Homemade cards. I took the supplies that I already had and loving folded and drew and stickered good cheer all over them. Simple. Well-meant. Putting happy thoughts into each stroke of the colored pencil. Delivered the cards. Wishing happiness to the few recipients. I hope you have a happy day! Although small, never underestimate the effect of happiness. Continue reading Day Three: Homemade Cards

Day Two: Make Someone Smile

Today was a shopping day for me. You know, the usual — groceries. But that doesn’t mean I can’t spread cheer on an otherwise ordinary day. My goal for today was to make someone smile. Not just any someone, but someone I have never met and someone who could really use a smile. I had my plan. So, off I went on my errand running for the day. I knew exactly the place I would deliver my smile. I stopped by the dollar store on the way to the grocery store. Did you know they have happy face balloons at … Continue reading Day Two: Make Someone Smile

$10 and Half a Tank of Gas: Day One

So what can I do? I have $10 and half a tank of gas… A-HA!     HappyNotes! I went to the dollar store and bought 100 note cards. In each one, I wrote a message of happiness. One hundred messages! Personally hand-written, notes sending happiness and well wishes into our community. Then, the team and I joined to conquer, and spent a couple hours of the day delivering the happy notes to various locations around town. Reports were that most notes went on windshields. Some notes went on door steps. Some notes were even hand-delivered. I sincerely wish each of you … Continue reading $10 and Half a Tank of Gas: Day One