Day 22: Happy Note

Perhaps I should think of something new, eh? But my wish is simple. “I hope you have a happy day,” my note said. They all say that. It’s true. If I had the time, I would write a note to each home in Reno — wishing them a happy day. It may sound trivial. It may sound daunting. But it’s honest, and it’s real. Let’s remember to love and wish people well. And mean it. It really is that simple. Continue reading Day 22: Happy Note

Day 13: Happy Note

I just keep placing random notes all around town. This makes me so happy. Notes of love and of care, a simple way to wish people a happy day. These little notes, I personally hand write. I intentionally think happy thoughts and well wishes with each pen stroke. Then, I place the Happy Notes on people’s cars and doorsteps. I leave some in unsuspecting grocery aisles, park benches, and even at a bus stop. My hope is for each note to give someone a little smile and just a subtle wave to say, “have a happy day.” Cheers! Continue reading Day 13: Happy Note

$10 and Half a Tank of Gas: Day One

So what can I do? I have $10 and half a tank of gas… A-HA!     HappyNotes! I went to the dollar store and bought 100 note cards. In each one, I wrote a message of happiness. One hundred messages! Personally hand-written, notes sending happiness and well wishes into our community. Then, the team and I joined to conquer, and spent a couple hours of the day delivering the happy notes to various locations around town. Reports were that most notes went on windshields. Some notes went on door steps. Some notes were even hand-delivered. I sincerely wish each of you … Continue reading $10 and Half a Tank of Gas: Day One