Day 26: FUNdraising

This evening, I scheduled on my calendar to volunteer. I was home-bound, computer-bound, but helping by volunteering my work. I spent about 5-6 hours, in the late hours of the evening, to help a local non-profit organization do some fundraising. I cranked up the tunes and put the FUN in fundraising. It may not have been much outward, extroverted, public activity, but my direct computer keystrokes, helped to bring in nearly $5,000.00 for this local organization. I am telling you, with just a little time, and will, we can each do a little to change the world. Continue reading Day 26: FUNdraising

Day 10: Downtown Volunteer

Ah, Saturday! A day to unwind from the busy week and … VOLUNTEER! Again? You ask. Well, what can I say, I am such a magnet for happy and I am definitely a sucker when it comes to helping make a difference. Ah, Saturday. I woke up early, I packed a lunch, loaded up the car and headed downtown to my destination. I filled my day with not-too-strenuous, but certainly, busy labor. I used my energy and talents to talk, and listen, lead and instruct, help and assist and pour out happiness to each individual I had the chance to … Continue reading Day 10: Downtown Volunteer

Day Seven: A Volunteer Evening

I had this afternoon/evening planned for volunteering in the community. As a member and a citizen of the community, volunteering is ESSENTIAL in our lives. It is my belief that each person should be a volunteer in any way possible. Each citizen should find a skill and give it to the community. Big or small, weekly or yearly, it doesn’t matter. Just act. From the coaches of our youth teams, to the people giving directions at a medical center desk, and from people who get up on stage or lead a crowd to the individuals that stuff envelopes and answer … Continue reading Day Seven: A Volunteer Evening