A Happy Stranger

Two strangers diverged on a road.

It was a typical busy morning that would turn out to be anything but.

I had to slow down on my commute due to a slowing vehicle in front of me. As I got closer, I could see in the vehicle’s rear-view mirror — it was an older gal, and she indeed needed a little bit of help.

spare tire

About a mile down the road, she got to safety and I hopped out to help.

The job was TOO BIG for me.

Downhearted, but determined, I walked right into another stranger’s front door.

I asked for help.

And without so much as a hesitation or questioning brow, the stranger grabbed his gloves and came outside to help.

He was a superhero.

He was a superhero. Strong and willing. Friendly and smiling. Knowledgeable and concerned. Clearly, the superhero-type that this city needs.

The hero leaped into action. He didn’t question his ability. He didn’t pause to question time or schedule — although he could have, because, after all, he was at work.

He took action. He did something. He moved. He saw a need and he so graciously offered his hand (and his muscles).

This hero had no idea what would walk through his front door this morning. He had no idea what may be awaiting him today. But a need walked in. And he genuinely cared about a couple of perfect strangers.

Because of this hero, the older gal got safely back on the road. Thank you. Thank you for being the superhero. Thank you for spreading the awesome.

And I think I even saw him tuck his cape back in when he walked away.

We never even exchanged names. But we did exchange hugs.

We never even exchanged names. But we did exchange hugs. Us three strangers may never see each other again in this town. But for one morning, all three of us were exactly where we needed to be. And what an awesome experience.

Three strangers, diverged on the road. And that has made all the difference.

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